We have received a 5 stars service, the driver was professional and on time. Everything was perfect. The price was really competitive. Very satisfied, we strongly recommend for your Big Day.

Federica -

Roberto Sebastiani was on time, very friendly, and professional. He helped make our visit more confortable and catered to our individual needs. I definitely recommend his services!

Ben Trapp -

Roberto was my driver during a vacation in Italy and he was SUPERB. He’s a safe driver, he knows his way around, he makes good suggestions if you aren’t sure about something. He’s kind and personable. I’d recommend him wholeheartedly!

Jeanne Sommer -

My name is Gwendolyn Banker, in the year 2006 I found myself in a predicament while visiting Italy. I was visiting with someone I thought I could trust, after meeting her at a resort in Hawaii with our husbands. I decided (not knowing her very well) to go on a trip with her to Italy. I wanted to go there to see the Vatican. When we got to the resort in Italy, she not being a Catholic, refused to go with me. Since she was using her points for the resort we were staying at, she threw me out of the resort, and told me to go home. Roberto Sebastiani had been our driver who drove us to this resort two days prior. I befriended him and told him that in my home town in Colorado, my best friend was a Sebastiani, and her Uncle was our parish priest, Father Sebastiani. Anyway, I carried on a lovely conversation with Roberto who spoke excellent English! When my traveling partner kicked me out of her resort, and I knew not one person in Italy, I called Roberto Sebastiani to drive me over 100 miles, back to the airport. He gladly picked me up, and I cried all the way to the airport! I was so scared and upset. Roberto not only drove me to the airport,. He talked to the ticket agent in t for me. Unfortunately, there weren’t any flights leaving to Portland, OR. that day. Roberto called around for me, and found me a wonderful Motel. He was my lifesaver, he was my hero, and he was my “Earth Angel” I to this day, consider him my friend. (By the the way, I decided to stay in Italy for the 20 days by myself.

Gwendolyn Banker -